Building an App for ServiceNow

ServiceNow kind of has a thing for the letter ‘S’.  Is the thing you just downloaded or built a Scoped app?  Is it a Share app?  Is it a Store app?  It could be all or none of these things.

What is a Scoped app?

A Scoped Application is a distinct module or application within the ServiceNow platform consisting of one or more features.  The idea is that the functionality of the app is distinct enough that it shouldn’t be tightly coupled to one of the existing modules in ServiceNow or tightly coupled to the Global scope.  Any admin can create a new application via ServiceNow Studio.

My Lex Integration experiment was a scoped app, but not a store or share app.  My ServiceNow Cookbook describes how to integrate a scoped app with Github so that it can be easily shared with others.  It’s a great way to connect with other developers with similar interests and to bounce ideas off each other.

What is a Share app?

If you think your scoped app is ready for publication, you can begin the process of sharing it to the ServiceNow Share portal.  The portal has gone through some recent changes and has definitely matured in terms of content and activity.

While everything on Share is in varying stages of development and maturity, everything published there is free.  This is definitely good for new ServiceNow users that are just ramping up on the platform and don’t want to retread a lot of ground re-solving solved problems.  The trade-off is that, like most community supported or open-source code, things available on the Share portal are ‘use at your own risk’ with no guarantee of support, present or otherwise.

What is a Store app?

If you think your scoped app is ready for primetime, you can begin the process of publishing your app on the ServiceNow Store.  This is a premium portal where official Technical Partners of ServiceNow can get their apps certified and endorsed on the ServiceNow platform.  Apps on the Store can be either free or paid, but they benefit from additional endorsement and official support from the publisher and the ServiceNow brand.

Why should you want to build one?

Well, when I build apps, libraries or other code bases, I’m usually just experimenting.  But building useful things that other people want is a proven path towards improving your value as a developer and a partner for users of the platform.  Sharing interesting things that you’re working on is a way to connect with others and create opportunities to share with larger audiences.  It can also open up new business relationships or revenue streams as you develop skills and create products worth paying for.

How do you get started? 

Any member of the ServiceNow Developer program can create or contribute to projects on the Share platform.  Here’s a link to the FAQ.  If you or your practice is interested in publishing on the Store, information on how to get involved is available here.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to add them here or address them to